Alumni End is the center of many camp activities


The daily routine of Choconut is regular enough to provide a sense of stability and security, but flexible enough to allow for events such as all day games and camping trips. The boys are up at 7:30, have breakfast at eight and do chores afterward. Mornings are divided into two period for assigned activities. After lunch, there is Rest Hour and free time in the afternoon. There are games or other activities in the evening. Through the years, this mix of assigned periods, free times, and special activities has proven an ideal balance in the Choconut day.

Lunch is preceded by jury, a meeting of all campers and the director, but no counselors or other guests. At Jury, the boys discuss any topic they wish, and have a chance to express themselves on the camp and activities. They make suggestions for things they'd like to do, help plan the activities, and work out problems among themselves.

Since Jury is held every day, the director has a chance to hear ideas and suggestions while they are fresh, and the boys get to know everything that is happening so they don't miss a favorite event. Perhaps unique in camping, Jury is a means of developing a strong sense of participation and gives boys the feeling that Choconut belongs to them.

The cool, clear waters of the natural, glacier-created lake are used exclusively by the camp, and no motorboats of any kind are permitted. Campers have swimming and boating periods every day. The activities are closely supervised. Campers are not permitted at the lake unless the "lake flag" is flying and the waterfront staff is present. Swimming counselors qualify as Red Cross instructors, and all campers, no matter how skilled, ar given instruction on swimming and water safety. In addition to swimming, sailing, and canoeing, there is good fishing at the lake. One summer, two campers caught enough large-mouth bass to feed the entire camp.

On a daily basis, Camp Choconut offers an unusual opportunity for a boy to enjoy doing the things he likes to do while learning much about himself and the world around him. In finding out, he learns to succeed, to be useful, and to gain strength as an individual while participating as a member of a group.

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