Children enjoying the Saturday night Campfire; singing songs and participating in skits.

Camp Choconut

Residential Family Camp
Friendsville, Pennsylvania

For families with boys & girls of all ages August 9th – 15th, 2010

In August on Lake Choconut, the air is clean and sweet. The evenings are just starting to get cool. You’ll hear no sound of cars or trucks at all, just the rustle of wind through the trees and the quiet, soothing sound of crickets at night. The water is clear and the perfect temperature for swimming. Swim across the lake and back without fear of getting hit by a motorboat, because there are none. The bass are active and strike in the mornings and evenings, even right off of the dock.

The Family Camp is designed for people to get a sense of the philosophy and structure we create at the Residential Camp, as well as to just relax. We will do some of the camp activities, but scaled down to promote in younger children the same feeling of adventure and wonder we encourage from residential campers. Older children will have age-appropriate activities as well.

Parents cooperate in the running of camp by volunteering to help cook and clean (not too much – you’re on vacation after all) and to help with group activities. Our staff will insure that things run smoothly, and one of our goals is that parents get as much from the experience as the children.

Family Camp is a great way to get away from normal routines in a peaceful setting. It is an opportunity to be together and to be apart, a chance to seek the solace of the woods and to commune together with nature.

In short, Family Camp is a chance to reconnect to each other and to the earth. You can be together as a unit, or find fun things to do individually, in pairs, or as part of a larger group.

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To find out more, contact us, or you may also contact the Camp Director, Fred Lorber, directly at 1-570-553-2995 or during the winter months at 1-651-338-3042 .

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