“We build confidence, independence, and responsibility by providing adventure and
by teaching outdoor skills in a safe environment.”

Camp Choconut - Boy's Overnight Camp in PA

"We grow the whole boy"

Camp Choconut is a residential boys’ camp or overnight camp in northeast Pennsylvania that was founded in 1896 as one of the first summer camps in the country. It provides a setting for boys where which forex broker pays highest affiliate commission outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking, canoeing, and sports help to instill the values of cooperation, teamwork, responsibility, and friendship. Our camp also teaches archery, swimming, canoeing, hiking, construction, fishing, woodworking, and our legendary “big games,” some of which are 100 years old. Our camp philosophy is to “grow the whole boy.” Click here to view our online brochure.

Our 87th season will be a six-week session from June 25 – August 6, 2011. A concurrent four-week session is available from June 25 – July 23, 2011. The second half offers a multi-day canoe trip on a local river or a long hike in one of PA's beautiful State Parks and the “Villa Hunt,” a three-day game of hide-and-seek on and around our square-mile campus.

Camp Choconut offers a safe place for boys to explore in a clean, natural setting under the supervision of counselors who are carefully chosen as good role models. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive, and fun community based on cooperation, simplicity, and responsibility. Our overnight camp or sleep-away camp allows for the boys to experience living away from home in a safe and friendly environment.


The mission of Camp Choconut is to promote the highest standards of creativity, responsibility, confidence, independence and reliance in one’s surroundings and abilities through the teaching of outdoor living skills and, to instill in young people an awareness of nature's important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.

Our campers’ goals are to jump off the swim tower into the private lake, laugh and play games, camp, fish, build campfires, sing and invent skits, and a thousand other activities.

Fun and new friends are waiting in a challenging, joyful, and exciting environment ripe with possibilities with possibilities and adventure!

The safety, camaraderie and grounding that a small sleep away camp provides is essential to providing boys with the support they need for a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. The staff at Camp Choconut is dedicated to teaching, nurturing and encouraging boys to become more grounded, well rounded, and confident.

The camp is available for private events when camp is not in session, like weddings, reunions, and retreats. We are especially interested in using the grounds for children’s groups to take advantage of our facility for recreational and educational programs.

For more information, please call Fred Lorber at 1-570-553-2995. Or Click here to contact Fred.

"Sleep away camp is fun!"